Safari Ship (type K)

Using a 200-ton hull, the safari ship is an excursion vessel intended for trophy-taking (real or photographic) expeditions to other worlds. It has jump drive-B, maneuver drive-A, and power plant-B, giving a performance of jump-2 and I-G acceleration. Fuel tankage for 60 tons supports the power plant and one jump-2. Adjacent to the bridge is a computer Model11 bis. There are eleven staterooms and no low berths. The ship has one hardpoint and one ton allocated to fire control. A double turret is installed, The turrent is mounted with twin beam lasers..

There are two ship’s vehicles: an air/raft and a 20-ton launch. Cargo capacity is 6 tons. Two 7-ton capture tanks hold specimens, and a 7-ton trophy lounge serves as a

hunter’s recreation area. The hull is streamlined. The safari ship requires a crew of five: pilot, navigator, engineer, steward, and medic. A gunner and additional expedition personnel may be added. The pilot operates the launch; the steward operates the air/raft. The ship can carry a party of six (or up to 8 if the crew goes to double occupancy) on expeditions; it does not engage in commercial passenger service. The ship costs MCr81.08 (including 10% discount for standard designs) and takes 11 months to build.

Launch (also called Lifeboat): Using a 20-ton hull, the launch is capable of I-G acceleration, carries 1 ton of fuel tankage, and has a crew of two. A launch may mount missile racks and sandcasters; it may not mount lasers (currently has a sandcaster mounted). The maximum computer for the launch is the Modell2bis. The craft has 13 tons excess space available for custom use, and costs MCrl4.


(except from The Traveller Book)

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