I created this blog to support several games of  Classic Traveller which I have run recently over the internet using Google Wave. It will include transcripts from the games as well as musings on how to effectively run them, and about Classic Traveller in general.

Though it is still in its alpha stage, Google Wave is a great tool for playing RPGs. Just find some players, add one of the popular dice bots and you’re away.

Classic Traveller is also very well suited to Google Wave for a number of reasons:

  • The rules are simple: You don’t get bogged down looking things up or arguing.
  • Combat is quick and deadly: Battles can take a very long time when you are communicating via text, and an extremely long time if it isn’t a real-time game. In Traveller a couple of bursts from a SMG and it’s all over.
  • Combat is simultaneous: There is no initiative order, everyone just types in what they want to do in the current round at the same time, and then you resolve the outcome.  This means you don’t end up waiting for some guy to have his turn and also makes great use of the multi-editing features of Google Wave during realtime games.
  • There is a richly detailed background: The Third Imperium setting is very well documented on the web.  It’s great being able to use resources like The Traveller Map and the Traveller Wiki.

Classic Traveller is also very cheap, you can buy a CD-ROM with all the rules for US$35, that’s not just the core rules, it’s everything that was officially published for Classic Traveller.




  1. So what are you using these days since Google Wave is gone?

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